5″ 0-4-0 Ajax

0-4-0 Ajax Locomotive – now sold.

This 5″ gauge tank locomotive is a well executed 0-4-0 example of the popular design from Dick Simmonds. It steams freely and recently had a splendid run out around the track on a crisp winter afternoon as can be seen in my video below ……..

The cylinders are gunmetal, with Walschaert’s gear operating the slide valves. The loco is fitted with twin mechanical lubricators feeding each cylinder. Direction is controlled via a pole reverser and operates well in either direction of travel.

The boiler is a commercially built silver soldered copper boiler, with paperwork stating that it was made by Morewood Boilers and that it has working pressure of 80psi. There is a hand pump in the left hand tank, and twin axle pumps to maintain the water level in the boiler.

The sliding fire hole doors operate smoothly, enabling easy firing. Raising steam for the test run was a quick process, boiler pressure was maintained in operation with little need to add fuel to the fire, no doubt aided by the superheater and at the end of the run during blow down of the boiler I liked the way steam was exhausted horizontally clear of the engine.

The dimensions of this locomotive are

  • length 29″
  • width 9 1/2″
  • height 14 1/2″

This engine is covered by my steam certificate guarantee.