Cowells 90 lathe

Sorry, now sold

This is a Cowells 90 lathe with the serial number 981 stamped on the right hand end of the bed.

Although not given the ‘ME’ designation that their equivalent current model has, this model has the back gearing for low speed and auto-traverse with adjustable trip.

Also included is an extensive selection of the accessories especially made for the Cowells 90 lathe as listed below with what I think is the closest Cowells part number.

  • 60mm 3 jaw self centreing chuck and key
  • 60mm 3 jaw self centering chuck – made for Cowell by Pratt Burnerd – serial number 0694 and tommy bar
  • 2 1/2″ 4 jaw independent chuck – made by Pratt Burnerd – model 1528 65290 and hex key
  • 0 – 6.5mm Jacobs Chuck No 1B mounted on 0MT shank. RGB16
  • 2 off Rotating Centre. R35
  • Double Angle Collet adaptor – no tommy bar. R17
  • Set of eight Double-angle Collets. Various sizes, R18x
  • Blank Collet. B26
  • Faceplate approx ~100mm diameter. RG28
  • Carrier driving plate ~75mm diameter.
  • Drill pad plain. RG37B
  • Drill pad vee. RG38B
  • Hard Centre, Hollow Centre, Half Centre, Various Soft Centres. R29 R30, R31, R32.
  • MT0 shank arbor / spindle
  • Fixed Steady. RG39
  • Rear Tool post. RG41
  • 4-way Toolpost. RG42
  • 13/16″ Dieholder. RG46
  • 1″ Dieholder. RG47
  • Slitting Saw Attachment. RG51
  • Roller Filing Rest. RG53
  • Vertical Milling Slide. RG55
  • Machine Vice. RGB57
  • Index Unit with No 1 – 24 Division Wheel. RGB64
  • various slitting saws
  • various lathe tools
  • allen keys, spare lead screws for top slide and cross slide, t-nuts
  • dividing head arm that fits on the block to the left of the auto traverser and engages with the circular set of holes seen on the large gear wheel on the spindle 

The spindle size is M14 x 1.5mm.

There is also a copy of the Cowells 90 Lathe handbook by A.Smith – note that the pages are a bit loose in the binding.

The motor is 240V single phase unit powered through a standard plug socket.

Please check the 3 sets of photos and video to see the condition of this item – there is some cosmetic pitting to the top slide and cross slide.