Gauge 1 “The Project” 0-6-0 live steam locomotive

Sorry, now sold

This is a Gauge 1 “The Project” 0-6-0 live steam locomotive, constructed to the design by Ron Poulter & Bob Hines.

Water is heated by a bank of meths burners under the firebox of the locomotive, with the meths stored in a tank within the tender.

The video accompanying this listing contains a video witness of a 10 minute boiler test @ 100 PSI, plus it shows the engine running on air and being steamed.

I have a couple of observations about this loco as follows ….

  • The stanchions for the hand rail around the locomotive were glued on, but the glue has come unstuck. Need to be re-glued
  • The tender side walls look like they were fixed to the base using glue, but again the glue has come unstuck on one side. Need to be re-glued
  • During my inspection of the engine after it had been steamed, it looked like the screw that holds the valve eccentric strap to the rocker arm might have worked itself loose during running. The screw that is there seems too long as when it is screwed fully in, the body protrudes through the rocker arm and touches the frames. Needs a bit of investigation to maybe shorten the screw and ensure it cannot work itself loose.

Also included is a blower and a pack of wicks for the burners.

Further information can be seen in the video and gallery below …..