Clayton Undertype Steam Wagon – 2″ scale

Sorry, now sold

This is a Clayton Undertype Steam Wagon – 2″ scale. With trailer. To the Robin Dyer design.

Looks like it has steamed and run successfully in the past, but this is sold as a project as it needs fixing in order to run again.

The boiler needs to be repaired or to be replaced – it doesn’t hold pressure, and when it reaches capacity water starts to flow through the tubes into the ash pan. Needs stripping down to see if it is something simple like a leak in a fitting or to the boiler structure itself. The main body of the boiler is copper.

Likely to be other areas that need looking at, for example I removed the pressure valve to blank it off prior to seeing if it could hold pressure, the ball bearing in the valve looks stuck and I have not refitted it. There is a crank to turn over the cylinders – they seem to turn over okay when in forward gear, but it feels like there is a tight spot when in reverse. Fibre blanket around the cylinder needs replacing. Likely to be other areas that need to be checked out as well.

With some drawings.