Warco BH600 lathe

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Warco BH600 lathe

Warco BH600 lathe, serial number 980323

Included with this lathe are the following items

  • Quick change tool post 250-200
  • Tool holder 250-201 with SCLCR 1/2″ tool
  • Tool holder 250-201 with boring bar
  • Tool holder 250-202 with SCLCR-1616H09 tool
  • Parting off tool holder 250-207
  • Large boring bar holder 250-204 with boring bar
  • Selection of replacement cutting tips
  • 6″ 3 jaw self centring chuck with inside + outside jaws + key
  • 8″ 4 jaw independent chuck + key
  • Fixed steady
  • Travelling stead
  • Additional cross slide without T Slots (one fitted has T Slots)
  • 3MT fixed + rotating centres

The motor is a single phase 240V, 2HP / 1.5kW unit that runs at 1400 RPM. The electrical supply has a 3 pin plug fitted temporarily for testing – my recommendation is that you have a suitably qualified person to safely connect this lathe to your electrical supply.

The dial on the carriage hand wheel is marked in 0.005″ units. The dials on the cross feed handwheel are marked in 0.001″ and 0.02mm units.

Also included is the operating manual and accuracy test report from the grandly named Chizhou Household Machine Tool Works; the Warco lathe is a badge engineered lathe – underneath it’s CZ-300 which I believe was also available at the time from Chester Machine Tools.

There is a stand, tray and rear splash guard plus panel that goes between the two stand units.

This is a heavy item, you will need lifting equipment / multiple strong people to install it into your workshop. Collection is available. Shipping will be on a couple of pallets – the lathe will be on one, and the stand + accessories on the other.

Short video of Warco BH600 lathe serial number 980323