Myford 245V plus long bed lathe with vertical mill / drill attachment

Sorry, now sold

This is a Myford 254V plus long bed lathe with vertical milling / drilling attachment, considered by some to represent the zenith of Myford lathe production. The serial number of the lathe is ZS164478 indicates the lathe was probably made around 1989.

It has induction hardened bedways, and gearbox is imperial, although of course metric thread pitches can be acheived using extra gears as explained in the operating manual. There is a thread dial indicator fitted to assist with cutting threads, and there is a geared & retracting top slide which is also extremely useful when cutting threads.

The spindle accepts D1-3 camlock chucks & faceplates. There is also an adapter that fits onto this mounting to allow standard Myford 1 1/8″ x 12 TPI chucks to be mounted.

The dimensions of this lathe can be found here on Myford 254 pages the excellent website.

The lathe is powered from a standard 240V single phase supply with 10A fuse protection, with the 3 phase inverter used to achieve the variable speed control being housed within the headstock end of the sturdy base.

There is also a milling / drilling attachment fitted to the rear of the bed, serial number RO213. There is an ER25 (??) collet holder + draw bar in the spindle, alternatively I believe Myford 2MT collets can be held directly in the spindle using the collet nose piece.

This lathe comes with a very comprehensive set of accessories as follows.

  • 7″ 4 jaw Pratt Burnerd independent chuck with camlock mount
  • 3 jaw self centreing chuck with camlock mount, with inside + outside + soft + hex jaws
  • faceplate with camlock mount
  • boring attachment with camlock mount
  • catch plate with camlock mount
  • camlock spindle mount to threaded spindle mount adaptor
  • 125mm TOS SVITAY3 jaw chuck with threaded mount
  • 4″ 3 jaw Burnerd self centreing chuck with threaded mount
  • High capacity fixed steady to the Hemingway design
  • Myford 254 fixed steady
  • Tripan / SMID quick change tool post
  • Approx 14 quick change tool holders for tool post with various cutting tools / boring bars
  • ball turning tool for mounting on the quick change tool post
  • knurling tool for mounting on the quick change tool post
  • live centre + dead centre for use in the tailstock
  • drill chuck for use in the tailstock
  • manual

Collection in person of this lathe is available; the lathe needs to be removed from the stand in order to transport it which means that the electrical connections to the inverter in the base need to be disconnected and then reconnected when the lathe is placed back onto its stand. Alternatively, if you are within approx 4 1/2 hours travel time from me, I can deliver this lathe for the price given. Please check that I am able to deliver before purchasing.

Further information can be seen in the following video and the two photo galleries below.