Warco Minor Milling / Drilling Machine

Sorry, sold.

This is a Warco Minor Milling / Drill Machine model number MD-30N with serial number 99113015.

The Table size is approx 660mm x 190mm, and the slot width is approx 15mm.

Drive is from a single phase, 500W, 1425 RPM motor.

It has a metal stand, safety guard and various items of tooling, to include

  • socket spanner for locking head to column
  • 3MT chuck 1 to 13mm
  • 2MT small fly cutter holder
  • 3MT small fly cutter holder
  • 3MT large fly cutter holder
  • 3MT 1/2″ mill cutter holder
  • 2MT 3/8″ mill cutter holder
  • 2MT 1/4″ mill cutter holder
  • 3″ face cutter + 3MT holder
  • Small sitting saw holder
  • 1MT to 2MT tanged sleeve
  • 2MT to 3MT tanged sleeve
  • 2MT to 3MT sleeve to allow use with draw bar
  • various drawbars

Delivery to UK mainland areas will be via pallet delivery service. The stand will be disassembled for shipping on the same pallet as the mill. Handles will be removed from the mill for shipping so as to avoid damage in transit. This mill is a very heavy item and it will require several people / suitable lifting equipment to mount it back onto its stand .