Myford 254 S variable speed lathe

Sorry, now sold

This is a Myford 254 S Variable speed lathe, serial number ZS163314VSI with a year of manufacture likely to be around 1988 or 1989.

The ‘I’ in the serial number indicates it is an imperial lathe, and the feed rate plate on the headstock shows gear settings for imperial threads, although with suitable change gears, metric threads can also be cut as explained in the operating manual.

The spindle has camlock D1-3 fittings to accept the chucks and faceplate.

The machine is powered from a standard 240V supply, with a Power Capacitors supplied IMO Jaguar inverter ( replacing the original and less reliable in-house Myford unit) providing the variable speed control to the 3 phase motor. Note that the inverter unit needs to be mounted on a wall / similar close to where this lathe is installed.

Included with this lathe are the following accessories

  • 125mm 3 jaw self centering chuck with internal and external jaws, plus key
  • 160mm 4 jaw independent chuck, plus key
  • face plate
  • catch plate
  • taper turning attachment
  • rear mounted parting tool
  • filing rest for mounting on the cross slide
  • various 2MT dead centres for use in the tailstock
  • 6 station capstan unit for mounting on the cross slide
  • 7 quick change tool holders
  • additional quick change tool post for mounting directly on the cross slide, rather than the top slide
  • fixed steady
  • travelling steady
  • draw bar, collet holder + collets for use in the spindle
  • 2 MT drill chuck + key for use in the tailstock
  • operating manual

Collection in person of this lathe is available, alternatively, if you are within approx 4 1/2 hours travel time from me, I can deliver this lathe for the price given. Please check that I am able to deliver before purchasing.

Further information can be seen in the following video and the two photo galleries below.