Terms & Conditions

Steam Test guarantee

As pressure safety tests require an independent person to certify the correct operation of a boiler I am not able to ‘self-certify’ hydraulic and steam tests for the locomotives that I have for sale.

For locomotives that are sold with my “steam test guarantee” I have checked the correct operation of a boiler and its associated controls, and I provide a guarantee that the boiler is capable of being successfully certified against the scheme of examination operated by either the Southern Federation of Model Engineering Societies (SFMES) or the Northern Association of Model Engineers (NAME) within 14 days of the sale date.

If a locomotive is submitted for a hydraulic or steam test examination by an inspector authorised to issue certificates by SFMES or NAME within 14 days and which it fails, then upon my receipt of the examination failure report and with my written agreement, the purchaser can return the locomotive to me for a refund, subject to the condition of the locomotive being the same as it was when shipped.

  • Purchaser arranges and pays for the cost of return shipping
  • Locomotive is returned in the original shipping crate
  • Refund issued upon my receipt of the locomotive, subject to my check that the condition of bodywork, mechanical components, paintwork, controls, fittings are as they were when supplied
  • Refund paid by BACS transfer to an account nominated by the purchaser
  • Guarantee is non-transferable