Alba 1A / Elliott 10M type shaper machine

Sorry, now sold

This is a shaping machine – most likely either an Elliott 10M or Alba 1A.

There is a lot of information about this type of machine on the excellent website – whilst this item looks very similar to those described on that site, there isn’t an exact match to this particular example.

This machine is powered by a single phase 240V motor, and the video below provides a short showcase of it running.

There is automatic cross feed and vertical feed on the machine. The vice shown in the pictures is also included

When commissioning this item in your workshop, there are likely to be a number of jobs on this machine to be looked at

  • add power switch with safety cut out. At present, the machine is just connected to a standard 240V plug. Given the reciprocating nature of the shaping arm, a safety switch with emergency cut off should be added in a suitable location where the machine is sited
  • replace sectional drive belt with new V-belt, the sectional belt shown in the photo is slightly too narrow to properly grip the sides of the pulley wheels in the way a correctly sized V-belt should.
  • adjust resistance within table height adjustment mechanism so that it opposes the action of the vertical power feed mechanism for that feed to consistently operate
  • motor runs hot, either investigate or maybe replace
  • general clean up of the surface oil stains on the main body

Collection in person of this item is available. The shaper is a heavy item, and I can assist with loading it into your van using an engine crane. Alternatively, shipping to GB non-remote postcodes with Monday to Friday anytime delivery is available for the price given in the listing. If shipping to Highland/Remote/NI postcodes is required or Saturday or AM / PM delivery, please contact me for the additional cost. The shaper will be bolted onto a pallet for delivery.

Further information about this shaping machine can be seen in the following video and the photo gallery below