Pratt & Whitney No 3 Precision Lathe

A nice vintage item, now sold.

According to these lathes were available from before WW1 until shortly before WW2. 

The compound slide is stamped with the makers mark: Pratt & Whitney Co, Hartford Conn USA.

There is another tool rest. This tool rest and the compound slide are held in place with a screw that passes through the body of the lathe. On the rear of the lathe is a T slot that runs the length of the rear face.

The headstock and tailstock are secured to the body of the lathe by cams that are operated by a lever.

The spindle is unthreaded, and I believe it accepts 5/8″ x 20 TPI collets. Note that none are included with this lathe.

There is a 3 jaw chuck with the makers mark: The Cushman Chuck Co, Hardford Conn USA. I fabricated a spigot to allow the drawbar passing through the headstock spindle to retain the chuck in place.

The headstock cone pulley has two sets of indexing holes, I counted the inner one to have 48 holes and the outer one to have 64 holes. Note that the indexing pin is missing.

The tailstock has a 1MT taper to it. There is a 0-6.5mm 1MT chuck with the makers mark: Rapid HJC Hanssons MEK, Verkstad, Bredaryd, Sweden.

There is a counter shaft with a cone pulley to drive the lathe, and another pulley to accept the drive from the motor. The motor is a Crompton Parkinson 0.25BHP 1425RPM item.

The drive belt is a temporary affair made from one of my old belts – it does the job, but I hope my trousers now stay up.