5″ gauge Sweet Pea project with unused Blackgates copper boiler

Sorry, now sold

5″ gauge Sweet Pea project with unused Blackgates CE marked copper boiler

Boiler serial number is BG238 manufactured in 2012, with working pressure of 80PSI. Paperwork from Blackgates to certify hydrostatic test pressure to 160PSI, and conformance to pressure equipment directive 97/23/EC.

There are the plans plus the Jack Butler book on building a sweet pea locomotive.

The locomotive is a mid-stage project though some of the work to date probably wouldn’t win any awards. Having put some oil down the steam pipe into the cylinder, the pistons & values are free moving. Not sure about the profile on the wheels and flange – seem a bit square to me. And the chimney rim has a dink in it. But overall, there is enough here to jump start a re-build & complete project.

Shipping will be via pallet delivery to UK mainland addresses.