Myford 254V Plus lathe ZS169310

Sorry, now sold

This is a Myford 254V plus long bed lathe serial number ZS169310, delivered new by Myford in 1998 to a customer local to their factory in Nottingham.

Powered from a standard single phase 240V socket, it has factory fitted variable speed control to the spindle achieved using a Danfloss 3 phase inverter (rather than the Myford designed unit that was thought to be less reliable that was on earlier ‘V’ Plus models) mounted in the box at the left hand end of the cabinet.

The spindle also has electronic braking to it, resulting in it stopping spinning more or less instantly once the stop button has been pressed.

The screw cutting gear box and micrometer dials are imperial. Whilst the serial number on the makers plate at the right hand is ZS169310VML (with the M normally being designated for metric lathes), the customer order is for the imperial lathe and subsequent invoice shows the serial number with the ‘I’ designation.

The spindle has camlock D1 fittings to accept the chucks and faceplate.

Included with the lathe are the following accessories

  • 125mm 3 jaw self centering chuck with internal and external jaws, plus key
  • 160mm 4 jaw independent chuck, plus key
  • large quick change tool post, plus 4 tool holders
  • catch plate
  • faceplate
  • drill chuck for use in the tailstock
  • operating manual

Collection in person of this lathe is available; the lathe needs to be removed from the stand in order to transport it which means that the electrical connections to the inverter in the base need to be disconnected and then reconnected when the lathe is placed back onto its stand. Alternatively, if you are within approx 4 1/2 hours travel time from me, I can deliver this lathe for the price given. Please check that I am able to deliver before purchasing.

Further information can be seen in the following video and the two photo galleries below.