Warco WM250 variable speed lathe

Sorry, now sold

Warco WM250 variable speed lathe with drip tray and stand.

Also fitted with DRO encoders to the carriage and cross slide – needs a display unit, eg 2 Axis M-DRO Lathe Function Digital Readout Display Console from Machine DRO.

With the accessories that come with this lathe from Warco

  • face plate
  • 3 jaw self centre chuck, with key plus inside & outside jaws
  • 4 jaw independent chuck with key
  • 2MT drill chuck
  • 2MT live centre
  • 2MT dead centre
  • 4MT dead centre for use in spindle
  • fixed steady
  • travelling steady
  • gear set
  • 4 way tool post

Plus there is a quick change tool post plus 6 tool holders.

The max spindle speed I observed whilst preparing this item was just over 1400RPM as seen in the photo. As part of commissioning this item in your workshop, the bracket to the long DRO encoder needs a very small amount of adjustment to ensure it is 100% clear over the full range of longitudinal movement once you have connected the cables up to your DRO display unit