Atlas 10″ Lathe

Sorry, now sold

This is an Atlas 10″ lathe with the model number TV36 indicating it has taper bearings in the headstock with a vertical countershaft and a 36″ bed length.

The makers plate on the right hand end of the lathe shows that it has the serial number 029920.

Further information about this type of lathe can be found on the website, so please do take a read of that for further information.

Also included are the following accessories

  • 6″ independent 4 jaw chuck + key
  • 3″ self centering 3 jaw chuck + key
  • 4 1/4″ chuck mounting plate
  • 8 3/4″ face plate
  • 8″ face plate
  • 6 1/2″ face plate
  • Fixed steady with 3 fingers – note that the plate needed to go under the bed to secure this steady is not present.
  • Travelling steady frame – no fingers, I think the ones from the fixed steady can be reused
  • 4 way tool post + key
  • Selection of change gears
  • Sundry items – spanners, nuts, washers, bolts, gear spindles etc
  • Atlas Manual of lathe operation

The motor is a single phase 240V 1420 RPM Cub Motor rated at 1/3HP. It is wired for forward operation, and has a standard 3 pin plug fitted. It could be wired for forward / reverse operation if the wiring is replace with 5 core cable, and a suitable switch is used.

Please note the following points about this lathe

  • Change gear cover as seen in the photos only has a temporary fixing to it as the previous owner had used the lathe without the cover fitted. A new mounting hinge needs to be made, and a suitable bracket for fixing the front of the cover needs to be fabricated.
  • The lead screw has visible wear to it
  • There is a certain “knack” needed to operating the feed reversing gearbox at the headstock end of the leadscrew to find the neutral position.
  • The power cross feed spindle and gear was not used by the previous owner, I refitted this item as it was in the “box of bits” that were with this lathe. Again, there is a bit of a “knack” to using this control as the clearance between it and the cross slide handle is a bit limited. It’s very easy to remove this control if not required – unlike a Myford, it is easy to access the inside of the carriage just by removing a couple of screws.

Shipping to UK mainland (excluding Highland addresses) will by via pallet delivery.

Further photos of this item are below, and a showcase of this lathe can be seen in the video.

Atlas 10″ lathe