Railmotor 1 0-4-0 Rhymney tender locomotive

Sorry, now sold.

This 5″ gauge locomotive is a nicely constructed example of the Railmotor 1 0-4-0 design.

The engine is fitted with twin mechanical lubricators driven via eccentrics on the front axle delivering an ample supply of oil into the cylinders. The cylinders have been upgraded with automatic drain cocks – with the original levers still in the cab, but no longer connected to anything.

The boiler was made by Western Steam in April 2006 and has a maximum working pressure of 100PSI, although the locomotive is set to run at 80PSI. There is the manufacturers certification of conformity to 97/EC/EC plus there are several club boiler certificates that have now expired, so the next owner will need to obtain hydraulic and steam certification.

This engine is covered by my team certificate guarantee. I have done a hydraulic check to 1.5WP, and a steam check but as certificates have to be witnessed by an independent person, I cannot certify my own locos.

The water supply is provided via the tender, with a several silicon tubes and one union pipe that need to be connected to the loco. I found it a bit fiddly to screw the pipe nuts up tight on my ground level track – once I found a suitably stubby spanner this was straight forward to do. Again, if operating at ground level, the stainless steel ashpan needs an ashpit to drop into at the end of the run.

During my test steam, the hand pump and axle pump seemed very effective in filling the boiler and keeping it topped up. I didn’t get a chance to check the injector though.

Note that the steps to the rear left of the footplate are missing a screw and therefore wobble a bit. Should be simple to sort next time the wooden planking in the cab needs to be lifted.

Delivery will be via a custom crate fixed to a pallet

Please watch the video to see this locomotive in action, and there are more photos in the gallery below