Bespoke horizontal & vertical milling machine with EMCO Maximat F1P milling head

Sorry, now sold

This is a unique design horizontal & vertical milling machine, with an EMCO Maximat F1P milling head. The main body of the mill, providing the main column and table is believed to have originated from a TMA engraving machine.

The table size is approx 15″ x 8 1/2″, and is adjustable in X, Y and Z axis. There is a battery operated DRO scale fitted to the X and Y axis.

The EMCO Maximat F1P head accepts MT2 tooling, and is powered by a 1/4 HP single phase 240V motor.

The horizontal spindle accepts R8 tooling, and is driven by a 3 phase 0.37kw TEC motor powered by a IMO Jaguar 3 phase inverter, allowing smooth variable speed operation from a 240V single phase supply. The remote control pendent is currently mounted on the front of an empty box; if required there is plenty of cable to allow it to be moved to a different location

Included with this machine is tooling as follows

  • R8 arbour, spacers and support for hortizontal cutters
  • R8 ER32 collet holder and comprehensive set of collets. Note this needs a 12mm threaded drawbar to secure it in the spindle
  • R8 to MT2 adaptor
  • R8 face cutter
  • MT2 fly cutter
  • MT2 boring head
  • MT2 cutter holder

Collection in person of this item is available. Alternatively, shipping to GB non-remote postcodes with Monday to Friday anytime delivery is available for the price given in the listing. If shipping to Highland/Remote/NI postcodes is required or Saturday or AM / PM delivery, please contact me for the additional cost. The item will be bolted onto a pallet for delivery.

Further information can be seen in the following video and the two photo galleries below.