Pultra 1750 micro lathe

Sorry, now sold

This is a Pultra 1750 micro lathe, serial number reference 4223 made by Pultra Ltd of Salford, Manchester. The ’50’ in the model number denotes the centre height in mm.

It is fitted with a H.199 lever headstock to open and close a collet that has been placed into the headstock. The tailstock is of a T.273 screw type.

Drive to the spindle is provided via a belt drive from a bi-directional, variable speed 240V single phase Leinen motor. When you commission this lathe in your workshop, you will need to determine a suitable way to mount the lathe and motor so as to maintain tension on the drive belt.

There are two compound slide-rests, an R.2V screw operated slide-rest, and an R.3V lever operated slide-rest.

Also present is a V.5M 6 station lever operated capstan slide, note that the screw and nut needed to hold it through the bed is missing, so a replacement one will have to be fabricated.

Also included are the following items

  • Selection of imperial and metric collets for use in the headstock
  • Bell chuck CF28 that mounts in the spindle
  • 4 jaw chuck CF27 that mounts in the spindle. Note a new chuck key is needed for this item
  • 3 jaw chuck that screws onto the spindle nose thread.
  • Slotted faceplate CF41
  • 2 x Closing disc collets
  • Operation and maintenance manual and various brochures

There is also another Pultra lathe bed, with headstock and tailstock included, creating additional options for how all of these items could be set up and put to use in your workshop.