German Naval lathe by Union Werk AG

Sorry, now sold

This is an ex-German Navy lathe made by Union Werk AG which was recovered from one of the warships moored up in Londonderry after the end of World War II. Further information about this lathe can be found on the excellent website here.

The spec of this machine is as follows:

  • Spindle thread 60mm diameter x 5.5mm pitch
  • 5MT spindle nose
  • 40mm through spindle bore
  • distance between centres approx 50cm
  • swing approx 25cm
  • 2MT tailstock
  • weight 350kg

It is powered by a single phase 0.55kw 240V motor by GEC electromotors ltd. Note that in the photos of this lathe, the motor is resting temporarily on the headstock. When you commission this lathe in your workshop, the motor could be mounted on a wall bracket to the rear of the lathe, alternatively you could permanently fix to the headstock using suitable fixings onto the gear box cover.

The dimensions of this lathe are approx as follows

  • Tray 60″ long x 20″ wide
  • Height of trestle stands 24″
  • Height of lathe 23″

Also included with this lathe are the following items

  • 3 jaw chuck – self centering, approx 19 cm diameter
  • 4 jaw chuck – independent , approx 21 cm diameter
  • drive plate
  • high capacity fixed steady, similar style to Hemingway model
  • large draw bar with 1x 5MT “myford” spindle threaded nose and 1 x 5MT slitting saw arbor
  • 5MT to 2MT adaptor
  • 2MT jacobs chuck for use with tailstock
  • 4 way tool holder
  • rear parting tool + spare inserts
  • vertical slide
  • dividing tool
  • selection of change gears
  • selection of lathe tools
  • 12″ face plate
  • Boxed set of collets of various sizes for use in spindle nose
  • metal trestle stand plus tray. Note that you will need to source a couple of large bolts needed to secure the lathe to the stand

Collection is person of this item is available. Although it is a heavy item, with a 2M lifting sling wrapped twice around the bed close to the headstock and an engine hoist it is nicely balanced and therefore straight forward to lift. I can assist with loading into something like a small transit van using my hoist.

Alternately, I might be able to deliver providing you are within 3 or 4 hours drive time of me, and you are flexible as to when I deliver so as to fit in with my schedule. Please contact me if you are interested in this to confirm I can deliver – but probably cheaper for you to hire a van / use your own van!

Further information can be seen in the following video and the photo gallery below.