Stuart No. 9 engine

Sorry, now sold

This is a Stuart No. 9 engine set in a power generation diorama.

The No. 9 engine has a cylinder bore of 1 1/2″ with a 1 1/2″ stroke. This example is fitted with a water pump (untested) and a governor, although the governor appears to be decorative rather than functional.

There is a gauge showing the inlet pressure, and a hand-wheel operated valve to control the incoming pressure through to the cylinder.

The drain cocks to the cylinder operate to allow the release of accumulated moisture when operating using steam.

The generator is driven from the flywheel by a number of rubber belts – note that these belts are showing the signs of age, and may need to be replaced in due course. The lamp is decorative as there is no light bulb in it.

The diorama plinth measures approximately 22″ x 8″

Please watch the video to see this engine running on air and further pictures of this engine are in the gallery below